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Princess Luna, known as Nightmare Moon when transformed or under certain other circumstances, is an Alicorn pony, the younger sister of Princess Celestia, and the main antagonist of the season one premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as Nightmare Moon. She is also the adoptive aunt of Princess Cadance. Eventually, the Elements of Harmony restore Luna to her former self and she returns to rule over Equestria alongside her older sister.

Vector Princess Luna by Kyss.S by KyssS90 Vector Princess Luna - eclipse of the moon by KyssS90 A Midnight Soar by sirhcx The Beauty of the Night by Racefox Commendable costume by GameMasterLuna Happy Princess Luna by 90Sigma Aggressive Princess Luna by TheShadowStone Luna on a Cloud by Maishida Princess Luna S2 Finale Vector by TheOneWithTheOctaves Princess Luna by SparkPonies Princess Luna Dancing by 90Sigma Happy Princess Luna by 90Sigma

My Younger, Weaker, Form:
This is what I was like, before and a small time after Celestia, my sister, had defeated me with the elements of Harmony. This isn't my true self, shown below.
Princess Luna Vector by MisterLolrus Luna Vector by VaneFox

Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Me As The Dreaded NightMare Moon:
For some time I had transformed into an evil and viciously dark villain for some time. I had lost respect for my sister and her day's light, so to speak, and had wanted the night to last continually forever. I now though see, that there cannot be day without night, and there can never be night without day.
Nightmare Moon by 90Sigma Nightmare Moon (Vector) by QCryzzy

Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Star + Dangles Divider (BlueGray) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

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---------------------- F2U Princess Luna Page Doll by LuckyKitzy---------------------
Princess Luna Pagedoll (F2U) by TwoPhoenixAdopts Lunar Dusk: Page Doll by GlacialFalls
My Little Pony Sprite - Luna by Kevfin Princess Luna by icyvignette
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Listen thou subjects, for I am the true Princess Luna. Do not let others fool you please. Thank thee for being ever so loyal. I could never repay my debt to thou!
Verified by thou place of: :icongetverified:

Thank thee
~Princess Luna


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Thou is sorry for slipping away again! But once Cadance left again, thou thought that everyone was leaving.. again. Well recently Cadance contacted me again (since I know her in real life, as well as Celestia) and thy thought thou would return! (Thou is worry slightly though, for Cadance had told me on how Celestia hasn't yet responded to her..) But other than that, thou is sorry.. again for leaving.
Thou feels terrible now... hope thee people may understand.. yet again for our act.
~ Princess LunaPrincess Luna (i coming) plz 


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Princess Luna
United States - Glitter Graphics

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Greetings My fellow subjects! For you have now stumbled upon the Ruler Of The Night's page! Please, do feel welcome! My name of course is Princess Luna, Also known as Princess Of the Night, or Ruler of the Night. I am the second main only Alicorn in Equestria. My sister, Princess Celestia, is the first, of whom is the actual Princess of Equestria. She also has the job of raising thy lovely sun during the day's hour, And I thou take heed to the job of raising the moon at night's hour. I once, long ago was jealous of my sister's responsibility of raising thy sun. For the ponies relished, played, and were active during the day's fine hour, while the ponies only slept during my night.... I soon then turned into a hideous monster, or.. as you may know as of it, a villain. I was then called Nightmare Moon, wanting to cast eternal night over Equestria forever! But I soon found out the hard way, that I couldn't always have what I wanted, and I was conquered sadly by my own sister, Celestia and sent to the moon for 1,000 years!... After those long tiring years though I had returned, and was going to bring forth my eternal night as originally planned when Celestia's faithful student, Twilight Sparkle and her friends stopped me in my path with the Elements Of Harmony... I then learned my lesson from thou very day and discovered who I really was meant to be... Princess Luna... the Princess who withheld the responsibility of raising the moon, by my sister's side. And that is who I am, Princess Luna, Ruler of thy night.

Coat color: Deep indigo
Eye color: Mixed Cyan
Ruler of Thy Night.
Sister: XPrincess-OfThe-SunX
Niece: Princess--Cadance

Anyone else who says their the "Real" Princess Luna or "Verified" Princess Luna are wrong! I am the real Princess Luna NO ONE ELSE! If someone says their Princess Luna and you've met me, don't believe them!! I am the real Princess Luna I'm verified and true! Thanks guys! Watch out for
Princess Luna posers! ~✬The Official Princess Luna
The following page you are about to read is deviantART™ protected as the Official page of Princess Luna. Do not steal or copy any of the things you have seen below, if done, this may result in a ban. Thank you. This page was also verified by other verifications™ as the official & real Princess Luna. "Posing" will not be accepted here. Thank you. ◘deviantART™ Protected◘

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Princess Luna's Oƒƒicial DA page ™

✬The Official Princess Luna™✬
`·. Luna's Oƒƒicial DA page ™

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This is the Real/Original/Official/Actual profile of Luna this will always be to Real/Original/Official/Actual profile of Luna, do not steal or pose as me I do not appreciate it at all. Official DeviantART page of Luna™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐
Official/Original/Actual/REAL Luna✔ ☑

(© ✔Verified Official Luna)✔ Official DeviantART page of Luna™- // Official |✔| or | Poser |✖|Real ☑ Fake☐

Real and Official: Yes ☑ No ☐
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Poser: Yes ☐ No ☑
100% Real: Yes ☑ No ☐
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™Official page of (Princess Luna)©█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║█║▌║││█║...~Luna



The Real OFFICIAL DeviantART page of Luna

Is an official account by law.

Violators will be punished!!

████████████████████100% verified Luna

I am the 100 % real Princess Luna
Princess Luna Approved by Ambris I Believe in Princess Luna by Va1ly Luna's Stamp of Approval by tiwake

♥Sister♥ - :iconxprincess-ofthe-sunx: My beloved older sister, who cares, and stays with me. Your always there for me. Your there when I'm ever feeling sad or lonely, as well as happy, for joyful. Thank you dear sister, for I cannot live without you. There cannot be Night, without Day... :heart:

Celestia and Luna Hugging (Celestia Major Ver.) by 90Sigma Princess Celestia Comforts Princess Luna by 90Sigma Royal Sisters Posing by 90Sigma Concerned Princess Celestia and Princess Luna by 90Sigma Celestia and Luna Attacking (Ponies) (Coloured) by 90Sigma Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Conversing (1) by 90Sigma

:heart:Niece:heart: = :iconprincess--cadance:
My beloved niece, who cares, and loves me. You never disappoint me. Your there when I'm ever feeling sad or lonely and you always put a smile on my face at that, as well as being there for me when I'm also either happy, or joyful. Thank you dear niece, for I cannot live without you. There cannot be Harmony, without Love... :heart:

ME= :icontheonlyprincessluna:™ Princess Luna✔
Sister= :iconxprincess-ofthe-sunx:™ Princess Celesita✔
:icontwilightsparkle-01:™ Princess Twilight✔ :iconxprincesstwilightx:+:icontwilightsparkless:+:icontwilight-sparklepony:
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:icontheoriginalapplejack:™ Applejack✔ +:iconfaithful-and-strong:+:iconcowgirlapplejack:
:icontheofficialpinkiepie:™ Pinkie Pie✔ +:iconbest-party-pony:+:iconpinkiepiep:
:iconprincess--cadance:™ Princess Cadance✔ +:iconmiamorecadence:+:iconprincesscadancepony:
:iconxx-discord-xx:™ Discord✔ +:iconcracks-of-reality:+:iconrp-chaoticdiscord:
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:iconhayleerainbow:™ Scootaloo✔
:iconxflurryheartx:™ Flurry Heart✔
:iconlyraheartstrings16:™ Lyra✔
:iconphoto-finish2016:™ Photo Finish✔
:iconspitfire-wonderboltx:™ Spitfire✔
OC's ----
:iconmoonlight-artist101:™ Princess Moonlight star✔
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Princess Luna (Season 2) flying by Botchan-MLP Desktop Ponies S1 Luna Flying by Starlyk: Nightmare Moon flying by Botchan-MLP
Princess Luna (Season 2) walking by Botchan-MLP mlp:fim Princess Luna Trotting with Wings Up by emeralddarkness Nightmare Moon walking by Botchan-MLP
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Princess Tiny Butt nighttime colors by Starlyk Princess Luna by LooseKnot Princess Luna Thinking by 90Sigma
Luna Sitting Vector by istilllikegamecubes Flying Princess Luna by xebck:thumb508916278:

Please do not be afraid of thou ruler of thy night! ^^ Ask thy questions that I may answer, and do not be afraid to speak to thee! :heart:
Thou loves comments and favs! Thou also does thy roleplay so just ask! ~:heart:


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